The whelping/nursery area provides a comfortable and quiet area for the new mom and puppies. Our focus is cleanliness, safety and most of all providing a loving, socialized start for the puppies before they go to their new homes.


If you are interested in our Whelping services, just ask! We will provide an extensive whelping form for you to fill out.

Whelping services available to pre-approved litters!


At SCK, we recognized that owners may not have the time, facilities or experience to give the best possible start that we all want for our puppies.  Because we offer whelping/puppy care services to an exclusive number of pre-approved litters each year, we are able to give excellent, individualized attention to each dam and litter. This ensures that mom & puppies get all the love and care needed.

Your litter will receive the same excellent start that all SCK puppies receive from birth until they are in the hands of their new owners at 7 weeks of age. We offer round-the-clock care as well as 24/7 surveillance cameras for the female while waiting for her due date, during her labor, and until she is safely home. We will also take the best hands-on care of the puppies until they have been placed in their new homes. 


Our kennels are located right behind our home in order to provide the 24/7 attention needed for whelping and raising a litter.